Session Information

Therapy sessions are usually 50 or 60 minutes long and weekly although in some cases more or less frequent sessions, or sessions of 30 or 90 minutes may be arranged. We can offer short-term therapy (generally 6 - 12 weeks), long-term (which can be over a year) or open ended therapy (No fixed date for an ending is decided during the initial stages).

Walk and Talk Therapy

As the name suggests, the therapeutic work takes place while walking outside, changing the dynamic between you and the therapist.

For some people, this is a less formal way to approach therapy and it can feel less intense, being outside and not facing the therapist can enable many clients to talk more freely. It is also a way of combining being with nature and doing exercise alongside the therapy.  Physical excercise can release endorphins that are good for the body, help with emotional regulation and aid the relief of tension. Walk and talk therapy can therefore be good for the mind and the body.

Research shows that walk and talk therapy can be helpful when you want to discuss difficult emotions, behaviours or issues, and can help with deeper ways of thinking. A Department of Health report (2011) showed 'Being active promotes mental health and well being. It improves self perception and self esteem, mood and sleep quality and it reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue'.

This way of therapy can be ideal for those who have young children that they can push along in a pram, or for those with a dog, who they would be welcome to bring along too.

The first session would take place by phone or video conference to discuss issues of confidentiality, what might happen if we met someone that we knew when walking, and any other concerns that you might have.

Video Conferencing or Online Sessions

These sessions can be useful for people who have time constraints, or who find it difficult to get time away from home.  For these sessions to be most effective it is important for you to have somewhere that you are confident that you will not be disturbed, and that you are sure that your internet connection is robust.  Please ensure that you put your phone on silent for these sessions, and it is a good idea to have a drink with you, if you feel that you may want one.

Telephone Counselling

Some clients find face to face therapy difficult.  This is an ideal way to talk through your issues, without having to make eye contact with your therapist.  Again, you need a private environment and to ensure that your phone signal is clear.




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